Meet Michelle Edhouse


About Michelle:

Michelle Edhouse is a Rotorua based artist with a world wide following and her art has been sold and enjoyed around the world but she hasn’t always been an artist.

Growing up Michelle always thought she was not creative and was a logical brained person and that those two were mutually exclusive.

When her father (also a logical brain) followed a painting video and created a lovely painting Michelle gave it a go too and the rest is history!


As she explored painting with a brush she went back to work and was unable to put the time in required, so started asking for a way to play with paint that wasn’t as time consuming.

A random YouTube auto play led her to discover Acrylic Pouring!

Wow!  Being so out of control and free form was way beyond what Michelle could possibly have allowed herself to be  a few years previously!  Using the tools of Access Consciousness she unleashed her creativity and willingness to be out of control with paint!

Michelle now runs a YouTube channel that is growing fast teaching acrylic pouring, as well teaches classes on how to unlock your creativity and unleash it into all areas of your life.



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