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Savouring the View

Acrylic on 18″x14″ boxed canvas (1.5″ thick”)
When you relax with a beautiful glass of wine and toast the beautiful vineyard from whence it came, what care was taken to gift back to the earth? This painting was painted as an entry in the Yealand Estate ‘Art on a Bottle’ Competition 2011 and says “Cheers” to their carboNZero choices such as baby doll sheep to graze the grass.

Price: $1800 NZ

Tarawera Weekend

12″ x 24″
Covering the time periods of a weekend from Fridays sunset to Sunday lunch this painting shows the beauty of every time of day. Gratitude for the planet, self and others at all times is a gift that costs nothing yet contributes so much.
Price: $500 NZ

Babe in the Wood

16″x20″ (40cmx50cm) acrylic on boxed canvas.
A new ponga frond unfurls in the support of its elders.

This painting looks different in different lights so there is a second photo loaded but please be aware that my camera is low res and adds the slightest tint of red.

Price: $150 NZ

Special Connection

36″ x 24″ (915mm x 610mm) 1.5″ thick boxed canvas with acrylic paint.
Have you ever been out in nature and spent time with animals and been at peace and oneness with everything? What if all of life could be like that?
Price: $1200 NZ

Purchase here (NZ shipping only)

Tree at Sunset

24″x18″ (61cm x 46cm)

Price: $210 NZ

McE Art

Michelle Edhouse is a artist based in Rotorua New Zealand
McE Art
McE Art7 days ago
Yahoo! 2000 subscribers!!!
Thank you to all of you who are subscribed to my www.Youtube/com/c/McEArt !
How does it get any better than this?
What else is possible?
McE Art
McE Art1 week ago
Super excited to be included in this article by
McE Art
Let Gravity Take Control In Abstract Paint Technique
Whether you're looking for a rad work of art to hang on the wall or a craft project fun for the kids, this bottle pour technique is perfect. Artists all across the internet are giving this a try in various colors, designs and patterns. The possibilities are endless! What will you create? Great work�...
McE Art
McE Art added 6 new photos.2 weeks ago
Looking forward to how the copper drys in this one (it looks brown while wet).
Creation video in the comments
McE Art
McE Art added 5 new photos.2 weeks ago
3D painting on a cap! Love it!
This was a present for my neice.
Creation video in the comments
McE Art
McE Art added 5 new photos.2 weeks ago
I love the way this one came out. Lots of super interesting parts and an overall that is lovely!
Creation video in the comments
McE Art
McE Art2 weeks ago
Had some fun with my son before Christmas and he made magic!

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